Asset Summit

Shaping the future
of the tokenized asset industry


Invite-only events featuring panel discussions and networking focused exclusively on the intersection of tokenization, credit, and crypto.


Handpicked TradFi and DeFi leaders, builders and investors dedicated to shaping the future of the tokenized real-world asset industry.


Deep alliances will be formed. Clear directives will be made. Together, we pave the way for the day when real-world assets become, simply assets.

Backed by industry leaders

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RWA Council

Thank you to our advisory board who helps make RWA Summit a global success.

Mike Bucella

Managing Partner, Neoclassic Capital

Matt Halstead

Investments & Digital Assets, Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Anthony Bassili

Head of Tokenization, Coinbase

Bhaji Illuminati

CMO, Centrifuge